Jeff Keppel

Jeffrey A. Keppel - Master Carver

In 1992, Jeff began an apprenticeship as a stone artist at a monument company. He received his initial training in technique and basic layout of memorials from a craftsman with over 50 years experience. During his 14 year tenure, Jeff continued to hone his skills while attaining the coveted title of master carver. This environment provided the perfect opportunity for Jeff to excel as is evidenced in his creation of some of the most admired stone art in the area.

In 2006, Jeff purchased a building in Smethport, PA, and began his own business in the stone trade. He is determined to continue to expand his ideas while never compromising his art. Jeff works closely with each client from conception to finished product, developing a one on one relationship with them to achieve personalized works of exceptional design, creating "art that imitates life."